Mercat de la Boqueria

Today we visited an amazing market. La Boqueria is a giant open-air market with tons of interesting stands. They had everything from fruit stands to meat vendors to tapas bars. It is famous and pretty touristy. It was very crowded. I overheard just about every language imaginable…


The entrance to La Boqueria


Look at all those people!


(left) Chocolates! (right) One of the fish stands. I did not get a photo of the large sacks of snails or the giant bat rays…


This was at the Latin American booth. These were labeled “burritos.” HA!



Most of the fruit stands also had fresh squeezed juice. It was very difficult to choose which juice to get, but we ended up sharing a mango-coconut juice. It was delicioso! We chose this stand because the juices were labelled with pictures… 🙂


(left) various empanadas (middle) gelato – note the avocado one!

(right) “The oldest nougat in Catalonia since 1775” – they’re really into nougat here…


One of the candy stands. We chose not to buy candy here because we saw kids reaching right into the containers…


Lastly, we have one of the more interesting meat stands. Here you can see tripe and sheep heads.



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